Grieving is a highly personal and individual experience without a set timetable.  The way you grieve and how it manifests itself depends on many individual factors. Some of these factors are connected to your personality, personal history, specific loss and life circumstances, relationship to the deceased and access to support or resources. Complicated and contradicting feelings like numbness, shock, confusion, sadness, anger, guilt, loneliness, relief and/or comfort are all appropriate after a significant loss, but can fluctuate in duration and intensity.

Although these feelings are appropriate during the loss experience, they can be very painful. They often affect the mourner deep within their mind, body and heart and as a result affects how they engage in the world around them. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, mourners can learn healthy approaches to navigating their grief that can provide opportunities for balance, comfort, connection, growth and joy in life after loss.

The All Care Hospice Bereavement program understands these needs and as a result has created progressive programs that provide safe and confidential opportunities for support, commemoration, expression, connection and learning.  All of our programs are designed with passion, experience, intention and feedback from the mourning community and it shows in the way our programs are organized and facilitated.  All of the All Care facilitators are trauma informed and refer to other therapeutic resources as needed.

Grief is hard…but it doesn’t have to be hard alone.  A safe circle of support and understanding is here for you!

“The grief groups at All Care were a Godsend. They gave me a better understanding of the grief process as well as a safe place to express my feelings, fears and hopes with other mourners. The group facilitator was fantastic; extremely knowledgeable, supportive and uniquely skillful at guiding us through this difficult journey. It’s wonderful to know that such an extraordinary service exists in our community. “

– Group Participant

Our Team

The All Care Hospice Bereavement Team is made up of dedicated and experienced professionals and volunteers that have been serving the bereaved community around Massachusetts for over ten years. The All Care Hospice Bereavement team include:

  • A Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • A Registered Art Therapist
  • A Certified Child Life Specialist
  • Trained Bereavement Volunteers
  • Experienced Educators
  • To inquire further please call our Bereavement Coordinator:
  • Liz Cumming, ATR, LMHC
  • 781-244-1198

Support Services

The All Care Hospice Bereavement Program not only provides a safe, supportive and confidential opportunities for grief support and education, but it has also created a growing support community for mourners connecting with others who understand. All grief support support groups and workshops are open to the community and free of charge. Registration is mandatory for all programs by the date advertised. Programs are designed and facilitated by licensed professionals with extensive training and experience. The All Care Hospice Bereavement Program offers the following services:

  • Grief Counseling / Phone Support
  • Grief Support Groups
  • Holiday Support
  • Remembrance Services
  • Community Support and Resources

Grief Counseling / Phone Support

Grief Counseling is available to our All Care families that would like help coping with grief and loss or would like help supporting others who are mourning. Counseling sessions are led by licensed and trained professionals with extensive experience in the areas of bereavement, grief, trauma and child development. Our therapists meet privately with individuals and families in counseling offices in Lynn and North Andover and home visits are available on a case by case basis. Not being able to meet in person doesn’t need to be a barrier to receive grief support. Depending on your needs grief support can be available via the phone as needed or on a scheduled basis.

Grief Support Groups

All support groups provide a safe place to mourn, remember, connect with others, and will also provide education to help participants navigate life after loss. The following groups are offered throughout the year as the need arises. New groups are created as needed per community request and as the schedule permits.  The following are some of our groups that are offered on a rotating basis are:

  • Connecting and Coping: A Loss of Spouse/ Life Partner Support Group
  • Finding Your Way: Loss of Parent(s) and/or Guardian Support Group
  • Lighting the Way: A Workshop for Coping Through the Holiday Season

Holiday Support

Grief is hard, but there are certain times of the year when it can become more difficult. The following programs were designed help provide support and tools during some difficult seasons.  The following are some Holiday based programs we offer:

  • Lighting the Way:  A Workshop for Coping Through The Holiday Season
  • Remembrance Events: Lights of Remembrance (Dec) & Service of Remembrance (July)

Remembrance Services

Our Services of Remembrance are an opportunity to come together to mourn, remember and honor the deceased, connect with others who understand and acknowledge the relationships we have built along the way.  We provide two services of remembrance a year (July and December) and both provide opportunities for comfort through poetry, music, art and connection.


Service of Remembrance

Wednesday, July 10th 

6 pm

RSVP by July 1st

Community Support and Resources

The All Care Hospice Bereavement program is here for any local organization or company that needs support, guidance or consult after a significant loss. Our bereavement team has been working within hospice and bereavement for more than a decade and are connected to many national and local organizations as well as online resources. Are you in search for a specific type of grief support or resource? If so, someone on our team may be able to help. We are happy to share our knowledge and resources.

Accessing Support

We understand that making a call for help can take a lot of courage. We welcome all calls or inquiries and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Our programs are updated once a month and are listed on our website. If interested in staying connected you can also be added to our confidential email list to receive our calendar via email.  All of our grief support programs are free and open to the community, unless otherwise listed. Pre-registration is required, by the date listed, for participation in all programs  and event location will be provided during intake.  Most programs occur at the All Care Center for Grief and Loss in Lynn, MA, but locations may change. Please call the All Care Hospice Bereavement Coordinator at 781-244-1198 with all inquiries and/ or to register. During this registration call you will participate in a brief phone intake to assure the program is right fit for you and your interests.

To register or inquire further please call our Bereavement Coordinator:
Liz Cumming, ATR, LMHC



You never know what is going to happen when you join a group, but what happened to me was great.

Group Participant

This program helped me feel more connected to myself, other and the resources available. I feel validated and supported.

Group Participant

After participating I feel more hopeful for the future, for the beyond.

Group Participant

Hearing everyone tell their stories made me realize I am not alone.

Group Participant

This experience (support group) was soul lightening.

Group Participant

I enjoyed last night’s Remembrance Ceremony. Aside from being beautifully done, it made me realize that through Allcare Hospice and the groups you have created, I have a new set of friends who understand what I am going through and are helping me make a new life for myself.

Group Participant

Bereavement Program Schedule

Click here for a printable calendar of All Care’s Upcoming Grief Support Offerings


Befriending Me:

An introduction to self-compassion and how to practice while mourning

Thursday, June 20th  *  10 am-Noon

 RSVP by June 10th


Present and Loving:

An introduction to mindfulness and how to practice while mourning

Friday, June 28th  *  10 am-Noon

RSVP by June 17th


Activating Wellness:

An introduction to the power of movement and how to practice while mourning

Friday, August 2nd  *  10 am-Noon

RSVP by July 22nd



Navigating Grief:

An educational workshop for mourners to learn about grief and resiliency

Tuesday, June 11th  *  10 am-Noon

RSVP by June 4th



HeART Space:

This monthly workshop explores the creative process and the ways it can support life after loss. This program is for individuals that have already completed an 8-week support group. Exceptions may apply. Each workshop will be facilitated by a Registered Art Therapist.  NO prior experience or interest in art needed, but an intake is required to participate.

3rd Friday of the month:

May 17th, June 21st, July 19th & August 16th

 1:00 – 3:00 pm

RSVP process provided during intake



Service of Remembrance

Wednesday, July 10th 

6 pm

RSVP by July 1st

All grief support events are free and open to the community. 

Pre-registration is required for participation and event location will be provided during intake. Most programs occur at the All Care Center for Grief and Loss in Lynn, MA unless otherwise indicated. Please call Bereavement Coordinator, Liz Cumming, ATR, LMHC at 781-244-1198 with all inquiries and/ or to register.